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Penn Dutch 2017

Roy Fischman

Penn Dutch ride 2017

We had our 2nd annual Penn Dutch trip on June 9, 10 and 11.

It was another fantastic experience.


After months of planning all facets of the trip were set. I chose the Best Western in Intercourse, Pa. It’s located in the middle of the Penn Dutch area and a bicycle shop was across the street. The management at Best Western graciously upgraded all our rooms to suites because we booked so many.


Our first ride with the Lancaster Bike Club began soon after we checked into the hotel. Dave, their ride coordinator, arranged to meet us just outside the front door of our hotel at 5pm. After a warm up ride of 16 miles in the hilly farmlands, we were ready for dinner.


We ate at the “Revere Tavern” in Paradise, Pa.  It was built as a stagecoach stop in 1740 but had been renovated somewhat since that time. We sat at one large table in a beautifully decorated room. The dishes were artfully arranged and delicious. After dinner, we all assembled on a flight of steps for our official group shot.


Next morning, we had a satisfying breakfast at “Olde Mill Restaurant” which was part of the hotel. Then some of us biked, some drove, to the meeting point, one and a half miles away.  When we got there, we found two familiar faces among the approximately 50 riders there, Steve Lombardi and Rose Lombardi, who had driven up to join us for the day. We had two rides to choose from, the 23 -mile or the 43- mile. We rode into bright sunny weather and almost car free roads (seemed like there were more Amish buggies than cars). Both rides had stops at a bakery and two ice cream stops, though some did not stop at all.


Finishing the ride in the early afternoon, we took in the local sites. Quite a few of us went to the “American Military Edged Weaponry” museum, which was a two block walk from the hotel. It was a one room place, but crammed with historic swords and firearms. Though our visit was about one and a half hours, I could have spent more time there. The owner, who collected all the pieces, was a pool of knowledge. We all listened attentively as he elaborated on various pieces. If you do go there, don’t believe the listed operating hours. It was written on the web that the museum was scheduled to close at 5 pm but when I called he said he would stay open as long as we wanted to look around.


Saturday night, we returned to one of the favorite restaurants from last year, the “Federal Tap House” renowned for its 100 beers on tap. And we had the company of Marion’s nephew for dinner.


Sunday came with more beautiful weather. We rode to the start of the ride, three blocks away for the 20- mile ride. This was a relaxed ride. We took extra breaks. The ride ended early afternoon. Some of us went to visit a phone booth in Intercourse, Pa., made famous in the Harrison Ford movie, “Witness” We were told that in the movie, the phone booth was said to be in the town of Lancaster because it was thought that the movie audiences would not believe that there was really a town named, ”Intercourse”.


Many in our group left for home after the ride. A few went to the “Railroad museum of Pennsylvania”, after a lunch at “Isaac’s”


Thanks to all who were able to come along and enjoy our second Penn Dutch trip with SIBA friends.


Steve Urcia and Audrey.   Joe and Susan Deangelis,  . Armando and Nancy Lisojo

 Nanette Rivera,  myself,  Neal Secher and Kathleen,   Corrie Larocco, Gail Mercuri,

Steve Greenstein,  Glenn Storman,  Roy Evans,  Hugo Cum,  Marion Schaal,

John Warner


See you on the road,

Roy Fischman