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John Warner  | Published on Thursday, September 14, 2017

On September 8th through the 10th, fourteen SIBA members and a guest attended the Kent County Bike Tour, in Dover Delaware. As with most events there were 15, 25 50, 62 and 100-mile routes. All but four participants stayed at the Mainstay Suites.

The attendees were; Armando Lisojo, Nancy Lisojo, Alexa Halpern, Lisa Cohen (guest), Carlos Mojica, Hugo Cum, Rolf Freerks, Nahiide ,Corrie Larrocco, Nannett Rivera, Gale Mercuri, Joe DeAngelis, Suzan DeAngelis, Tony Iadisernia and myself.

Additionally long time member and Friend (no longer a member) Ira Weiss was there. He was invited to join us on Saturday for our social and dinner. 

The event was on Saturday. However, we started our rides on Friday at 4:00 PM, after checking into our rooms. We went on a short ride of about 18 Miles. It was a good warm up for the Saturday event ride. It gave us a chance to make sure our bikes were in good working order. 

That evening we had diner at Piazza Mia, the same restaurant as last year. The food was excellent and plentiful. Additionally, the waitress was exceptionally friendly and made everyone feel comfortable. We arranged for separate checks so people could order what they wanted, without worrying about what others were ordering. We were so engrossed in our conversations that time had passed quickly. We were one of the last groups to leave the restaurant.
While Rolf and I were waiting for Hugo and Armando on Saturday morning, we were photographed by a newspaper photographer. He asked us for our names and where we were from. Then he disappeared.

Most of the group rode the 50-mile ride together.  I rode with Hugo, and Armando. We did the 62-mile ride. Rolf, Ira, and Nahide did a 62-mile ride as well. Gail did the 100-mile ride.

Prior to Friday and Saturday dinner, Nancy and Armando invited everyone to their room for Nancy’s (homemade) Cheese, Wine and (Armando’s store bought) Beer. This made up for the fact that, even though the Country Kitchen Eatery was noted for fine food, they didn’t serve alcohol. It was another night of laughs and good conversations among the group.
We also rode Sunday.  We headed out at around 8:00 AM on a 28-mile ride.  Traffic was minimal, almost everything is closed on Sunday. It was a chilly morning and the winds were as strong as the day before. Some say stronger. We rode the 25-mile route from the Saturday event. It took us though the farmlands and rural roads of the Amish Country.

During our Sunday ride we had to make a bathroom stop, (thanks to Nancy), at a gas station called Royal Farms. Gail and Nancy walked in, and glanced at the newsstand. Rolf and I were pictured on the front page of the Sunday Delaware State Newspaper. There were hops, hollers, Joy and Laughter by everyone. I eagerly bought the Newspaper.  But my moment of fame didn’t mean I didn’t have to pay. It cost me $2.00.

You can see the picture on our website, or on SIBA'S facebook page.

We headed for home tired but happy. It was a great weekend. One to remember. 
Posted By: John Warner 


John, I second that -- it was a wonderful weekend with wonderful people! I look forward to (re) joining SIBA.

Lisa Cohen (guest)

Great weekend!!!!! Thank you !! Nancy and Armando wine and cheese were a great touch to lovely evenings restaurants were very good!! our club cyclists John and Rolf being on the front page of the Delaware paper was the icing on the cake.

Gail (member)