Penn Dutch “Stay and Bike Ride” 2nd year

June 9, 2017 – June 11, 2017 all-day
Intercourse, PA Cycling
Roy Fischman
Announcing the  Penn Dutch “Stay and Bike Ride” 2nd year
Contact: Roy Fischman at by January 31, if you are intererested in going. 
(Note that this is not a commitment – you can change your mind or add the number going later – We only need to know how many are interested to find a hotel that can accomodate our numbers)

Some reviews from last year were
best cycling area there is”, “the friendliest club (Lancaster Bicycle Club) members”, ” a wonderful weekend”, “have to come back here”
We are again joining up with the Lancaster Bike Club.  I have been in contact with their ride coordinator, Dave, and he said he will schedule a ride start close to wherever we decide to stay.
He may even organize a short ride on the day we arrive.
The dates will be Friday, June 9 through Sunday June 11
(We will arrive on Friday afternoon, ride with the Lancaster club, perhaps on Friday,  Saturday and Sunday)
Based on last year’s ride, we will have most of the day after the each ride to enjoy the tourist attractions of this area.
If you have not been there, the Penn Dutch area is a popular tourist destination. You can invite non-cycling family and friends to come along, as one of our members did last year.
Each day we will have ride classifications from A  to D. There will be a level for everyone to ride. Their ride classification follows
Lancaster Bike Club Ride Classifications
Ride classifications according to pace while moving, excluding stops. Classification of + or – may be used within any classification to indicate a pace near the high or low end of that classification. For example, C+ would indicate a pace of 12.5 to 13 mph.
D Pace: Up to 11 mph, mostly level terrain and distance under 20 miles. Designated sweep. Group will wait for all cyclists. Frequent rest stops. Good pace for beginners and families. Try a D-Pace ride, if you’re not sure of your abilities.
C Pace: 11 up to 13 mph, variable terrain, distance usually 15-35 miles. Leader will designate a sweep; no one will be dropped. Rest/refreshment stops every 1 to 1-1/2 hours.
B Pace: 13 up to 16 mph. Rolling to hilly terrain, distance 40 miles & up. Rest/refreshment stops at discretion of ride leader
A Pace: 16 mph and up
Accomodations: I am looking at various hotels in the area. Most of them are hotel chains with a full or complementary breakfast and some have indoor and or outdoor pools.
The price range  will be from about  $110 to $150 per night with two double beds. 
When the hotel is determined, I will give everyone the contact information to book directly with the hotel.  Please let me know what price range you are comfortable with.
Take a look at your calendar and see if you, and maybe your family/friends, are available for this great weekend.
Then e-mail me to say if you are interested and how many are in your party. (This is not a commitment, I just need to know to find a hotel with enough vacant rooms.)
Because this is a popular area and rooms may sell out quickly, e-mail me,  Roy Fischman at,  by January 31.
Hope you can join us!