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BBQ August 2016

Annual Dinner

The annual dinner is the official kickoff of the 2016 bicycle season. It’s the highlight of our 2016 social events, a chance to reconnect with fellow riders. And just have a good time.

This year’s dinner was held last weekend at the Manor House.


Colts Neck – September 21, 2014


The mornings are cool and daylight is shorter, it is a sign that Summer has passed and Fall is at our doorsteps.  On Sunday the 21st, the sun never presented itself as the clouds overwhelmed it. They (the clouds) were thick and looked threating but the forecast said not to worry so we didn’t.  Our ride went well, 12 of us from both B and B+ groups went out and enjoyed the Colts Neck ride. The B+ in their known fashion took the front and inched away from us until they were no longer in sight and that was more likely because we were more relaxed and not interested in chasing.  Our pace was a brisk tempo, however, it afforded us the opportunity to take in the nature that surrounded us, one rider stopped, put his bike down and walked into the woods.  I guess he wanted a better look.  Thirty miles later without a rest (not bad) we were at The Breakfast Club Diner and there waiting was our B+ group.  We exchanged conversations, a photo op and away they went.  They opted out of the sit down brunch many of us look forward to on these rides.  As expected the coffee was good and the blueberry pancakes complemented the moment.

While sitting and enjoying my eats, I looked around and reflected on the many miles my fellow riders and I have ridden together as well as the many meals, conversations and laughter we have shared together at these tables.  ” Life Is Good” I said to myself.  We rode 50 miles, averaged 15.3mph, fixed one flat and had one detour to reckon with.

To the many that have accompanied me on these journeys, thank you for your company.  To those that have not been out with us, time is running out.