The not Warner Brothers, John and Gary led several SIBAs on this nice route through central Jersey in beautiful cycling weather. Gary led the B group, of which I, along with Roy Evans, Corrie, Jay, and a new member, Edgar, participated in. John Warner led the B+ group.

As noted the weather was sunny but cool. The sun was bright so our journey along tree lined roads was a mixture of sun and shade, typical of our NJ rides. During the earlier hours of the ride, I found myself hoping to ride along a sunny section rather than looking for the shade, as I would have been doing just a few weeks ago. It was chilly. The good part about the cool weather was the fact we weren’t consuming as much water as we would have if the weather was hot. This turned out to be a blessing, because when we reached the 37 mile mark, where we expected to have a nice sit down at the planned lunch stop, a cute diner with pictures of ’40’s and ’50’s cars, we found the place HAD BURNED DOWN 😨
There we were in the parking lot staring at this shell of a once nice diner, thirsty, hungry and in need of an outhouse. Fortunately, some of us had extra jells and snacks which we shared, while sitting on a low wall in the abandoned parking lot.
After a short break we rode on till we came to a 7 eleven and those that needed to replenish their water supplies and get something to eat were able to do so. Roy Evans managed to down 2 slices of pizza during our short break.
One of the things we discovered on this ride is that it is definitely NOT FLAT because as Gary noted we’d done about 1200 feet of climbing and were only at the halfway mark. Even so we agreed we were glad we were doing this ride vs the Twin Lights ride as we encountered groups of riders along the road where the routes for the two rides merged.
When we finally got back to Brookdale college we all agreed it was a good ride. Ther B group put in a solid 14.7mph average which is at the top of the category’s 13-15 expected pace.
Congrats to Jay who said this was the longest ride he’d done in years. Corrie rode her usual solid ride and provided the group with her unique take on things. She even showed us how not to come to a stop at an intersection with a fine demonstration of elan and humor. I’ll let Corrie fill the curious in on the details.
Thanks Gary and John for leading the ride🚴