Colonial Hopewell 10/16/16


Congratulations to the two new ride leaders that emerged from this past weekend’s ride, the Sourland’s.

Gene Garber led the B+ group that consisted of John Warner, Allan, Mike Shoan and Aziz Gabriel.  This by the way was Aziz first SIBA Sunday group ride.  Corie Lorocco lead the B’s, the group consisted of Nancy, Jay, Edgar and Gary and myself. Both did great, thank you.

It was a winter like morning this past Sunday for the Sourland’s ride.  Leg and arm warmers, my wind jacket and long fingered gloves was how the ride started for me.  The morning’s dense fog and cold blistering air on my cheeks had me wondering why I didn’t put my Bennie on.  The temperature certainly called for it and my frozen ears had me regretting not having done so.  The weather also had me wondering if this would be the last on my New Jersey Sunday rides for the season.

Similar to two other rides we have coming out Colonial Park, we ride out of the park and a couple of turns later we’re riding along the Canal.  At the seven mile point we turn right, this is when it stops from being similar.  At this point we start to ascend and I quickly forget the frigid temperature.  Seventeen miles into the ride we approached our rest stop the Brick Farm Market, the temperatures have warmed up and the fog is gone.

After our rest stop we headed for the hills.  We hit some long climbs and I kid you not when I say long.  One of the climbs went on for just over 4 miles, at times it would taper and level only to introduce to you the next grade you’d be graduating to.  The scenic views at the top of these climbs were rewarding and I can’t remember encountering any cars while in the mix of a climb.  There was a point we had approached, an intersection where the roads opened up, here you could clearly see we had reached the very top.  But that didn’t mean there was no more climbing and it didn’t matter because knowing we reached the top meant it wouldn’t be long before we start descending.

We barreled down a hill that had to have been at least three miles long, some of the riders (I heard mention) reached speeds as fast as thirty six miles per hour on the descent.  For the rest of the ride there would be some more hills to reckon with but nothing of the likes of what we left behind and all had settled within the last eight miles of the ride.

Special Note: The Sourland’s ride is a ride that was shared with us by Gary Warner, we will add it to our rides rotation (can’t wait to do it again).  The Brick Farm Market (our rest stop) is a place worth stopping even if you’re not riding but happen to be in the area

Incidentally, we found a perfect spot two miles before the finish for a photo opportunity, we embraced the moment and took a few (see attached).