Flemington area ride, ( Hunterdon Hundred metric) 10/30/16 – report


Beautiful weather day!  When we started the ride it was 65 F and when we finished it was 80 F.

This is a wonderful area to cycle in. There were many back roads with few cars and country scenery.   One of the highpoints was riding around the rim of the Round Valley reservoir.
There were a good amount of climbing hills but the payoffs were the health benefits of getting our heart rates way up there, the conditioning for our legs, and the descents – reached 40 mph!
Soon after Round Valley reservoir we stopped around mile 22 at “Jerry’s Brooklyn Grill”. A cozy place that has some special pancakes.  I had the Black Forest pancakes.  Neal had the fresh fruit pancakes.
Though it was not a farmland area,  we did pass a corral with some cattle. The farmer came out to chat with us and said the bull in the picture was about a year and a half old. ( No horns because he was  bred to be without them )  He said he raised the bull in his basement.  And now all he has to do is tell the bull if he wants him in the corral or the field and all the other cattle follow his bull. ( no pun intended )
This ride has a first hilly loop of 40 miles and then a fairly flat second loop of 22 miles,  The end of the first loop went right by our cars so we gave in to the temptation and ended our ride.  Next time we’ll take a ride on the “Flateau” area.