The Cheesequake to Atlantic Highlands ride – July 3, 216

cheesequake1We did the Cheesequake to Atlantic Highlands ride on July 3, 2016. It has been awhile since we last did this ride. (Last year bad weather cancelled it )

The start to this ride is the closest of any NJ rides, 15 minutes from the Outerbridge. The parking lot we pulled into is just off the Garden State 120 exit.
The route took us from there over to our rest stop at mile 25.8 at a Quick Chek. There were some uphills along the way but we all persevered with our low gears and afterward enjoyed the downhill payoff.
Only two flats during this ride and Armando, the quick flat fixer, once again showed his skills.
After the rest stop the route led up to the Mt Mitchill Scenic Overlook.  The view from there is panoramic.  The Sandy Hook peninsula is below, the ocean beyond, and in the distance, the Manhattan skyline.
The best downhill of the route is right after this on Ocean Blvd.  A long winding road.  You soar down this incline shaded by the canopy of trees overhead and wonder when it will end.
At the end of the ride, Joe Ribaudo, one of our new members, received his First Sunday NJ ride initiation, the water bottle soaking (OK I admit it was his second but it wasn’t done last time )
Won’t  it be great when the Outerbridge is done, with the new bike path,  predicted to be 2017, and we can do some NJ rides without driving there in a car?