Colts Neck – July 10, 2016

Three Groups went out on the fifty mile Colts Neck Ride this past Sunday.  Roy Fischman led the A Group and was accompanied by Bekim and Joseph.  John Warner led the B+ Group joined by Jack Halpern, Leon and Gary Warner among the six in his group.  I had the pleasure of taking out the B Group.  It was the largest of the three groups.  There were eleven of us, Alexa Halpern, my wife Nancy, Corie, Gale, Nahide, Nanette, Rolf Freerks, Frank Katalenas, Jay, Alex Ginsburg and myself. 
The Ride was one of our favorites because of the long stretches that allowed you to get into a tempo and zone out.  Zoned out to the point where turns (like in our past rides) were missed, making U turns on this ride has become the norm.      
Navigating the streets with a large group of riders created some concerns when getting around the turns and crossing the intersections with traffic lights, luckily for me, I had the help of Frank and Alex, I can’t thank them enough for their help. They took turns staying behind the group signaling me after all riders had cleared the turns and the intersections.
Thirty miles into our ride we stopped at the Breakfast Club Diner for rest and brunch.  There we met up with the rest of the groups.  We ate our food and exchanged conversations until it was time to move along and finish our ride.  The last twenty miles of our ride went smoothly all the way back to Monmouth County Battlefield Park were we had started.
At the end of the ride all of us had such a good time we were smiling from ear to ear.  It was a great day with wonderful weather and with a great bunch of friends.  I personally was pleased because we started and finished with the same amount of riders in the group.  No one was left behind.
Honorable Mentions go to the two C members that joined us on this ride, Jay and Nanet.  They stepped up to the occasion by keeping up with the pace from start to finish.  It was their first B level Sunday Group Ride and their first fifty mile ride.  Welcome to the B group guys.